June Fruit


Colorless clouds, have kissed a May landscape;
I was envious of their intimate touch.
The ground responded green
and intensified against a grayscale.
My own core still imprisoned in miles
left behind with faces and postures.
Shades of heron skim the past,
halo and drag their cane-leg hues,
sink-hole responses
and cavern in empty intentions.

Blossoms still prepare
a way for the sure fruit.

Precocious peaches
with sweet juice,
will find joy on a chin.
The pouted June strawberries
won’t pause for the solstice;
there will be musty
melon in the morning.

Tiny raspberry hairs on your hands
and plum furrows sloping
around your mouth
promise September;
impatient seeds quiver
in the heart.


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