Some Swallowtails, More Ida Blues


Where waters roar like stadiums,
then hisses green in eddied pools,
spent salmon soak in bloodied schools
in shades of drowned Geraniums.

Submerged, the flashy mica sand
reflects the sun’s sharp, ruffled quills,
backhands reshuffled light, distills
and mirror sparks as topaz can.

A cluster lands this shoreline grandeur,
some Swallowtails, more Ida Blues;
exquisite wings spread, folding too,
that mock a vivid beached Hydrangea.

A change ensues, capricious breezes
disturb the grounded sky there clotting,
now airborne velvet, polka dotting,
kaleidoscopic nature, sneezes.

These rapids now are run by rafters,
the road is paved, the people come,
agendas in opposing thumbs
that flutter, buy forever afters.


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