Industrial Odyssey

Strung out, loosely semiprecious strings
of glinted consciousness along the bare
shrugged shoulders under empty throats of land
collar dawn. The last high beams are sparse
through fine haired forbes where asphalt cuts its teeth
and whines on gasoline where jake brakes splutter.

Here stands the clustered monolithic hive
of industry, its long horrific utter
extending forth with holding tank arrives
in snaking pipes there slithering inside
and fed to kilns that burn the toxic clutter.

The sun is broken in rectangled gold,
diagonals are X’d in stairs that grudge
the tower built where sulfured air is blown
and whispers to the roar. Blue flames are thrown,
incinerating waste, an android’s mother.

Networked, connected wire by the mile
wraps around, mechanical as a dreams,
splices through pilasters, frowns and smiles
twists and braids; the humming turns to screams.

And men are Lilliputians in this vast
Armageddon organized by them,
are manufactured chained and then condemned
Colossus now incinerates the past.


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