Camping on the Moon

Craters plunge off orangutan cliff faces
lipped against the wickedness of dawn
dark as blackened eyes
and greater spaces,
they search and drift
in the tedious darkness,
then flat line
until stone noses and cheekbones,
gouge the sky, profile light.

Bloody with liver
in the desert shadows,
flashflood welting
snakes again, again,
writhing in undecided
The night burns
deep into an autumn equinox
with Halloween in her robes,
the smell of orchard trees
and jagged glass stars
in real property value=

Oh Moab what a whore you are,
your dinosaur bones bleached,
bound and gashed
with clinking Co-op gems,
smashed bottles,
pocketed uranium.
Loneliness becomes you
dressed in your sidewalk crowds,
where is an unseen sandstone fin?
Caressed and climbed,
the rest roughly lashed
to the wanderer’s quest,
In the spreading legs
of plywood construction.
Your clonal colonies
quake pre-destruction
in an Aspen’s jest.
Shaking on the canyon’s
sloping shoulders,
lying in the sand
and twisted in the boulders,
capitalized on echoed screams
in an inland sea’s
evaporated seams.

You camp
on recited eternity,
strutting in the evening sun.
the profit swells in your maternity
and the Colorado goosenecks
again, again.
Broken tokens of civilization
rattle seeds in segmented tails,
warn in each deserted ruin,
that erosion will always determine
its own best direction.


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