Songs that Fall

How absentmindedly,
I move between
the redbrick house and grapevine tangled fence.
The tiger lilies gently
reach for me
and paw along a slender path.
The dusk,
applies a final puce before it leaves
and unaccompanied, the evening chirps
and rustles on.
I’ll watch for stars to hurl
their spears and perforate
my private wars.
I won’t forget
to trace their flight of curve
and hold up swollen words for them to burst;
releasing songs that falling,
sing of earth.


Garden Variety Tritina

contemplating mouths,
their coolies, their foehn wind and thorn.
their polite, embroidered nouns sown

through sockets of silence. Sewn
in violaceous threads to burlap; a mouth
with no petaled tongue to harbor thorn.

Lips basted on with a needle‘s fine thorn,
buttons of disk for eyespots are sewn.
Excesses of mauve cross my scarecrow’s looped mouth.

Topsy Turvy Sonnet

damn the broken speckled eggs of sorrow
lambs and sheep are counted for tomorrow
harm unfolds and every corners’ ornery
trapped in tattered rags of second stories
charmed until the pansies drooped neglected
snapped balloons deflated dreams deflected
skeins of winter sunlight wheezed and squandered
promises that shattered pieced and pondered
trains of thought to marriage quite contrary
Thomases of doubt reactionary
coroners and caskets flying solo
kettle drums that wanted to be oboes
corridors of numbered doors and angles
settled in complacency’s soft strangle

Boxed in the Ring Sonnet

The knockout was delivered Christmas day;
a brawl was done that passed just like a dream.
Your final bout had ended up this way:
against the ropes and losing all your steam.
Though facing your opponent toe to toe,
the sucker-punch already had been thrown.
You found yourself down fallen, like the snow;
a ten-count wouldn’t stop or be postponed.
Your gloves came off when fighting this last round.
The winter cancer boxed you in the ring
and grew so fast, despite the frozen ground.
Those pounds you lost left featherweight to swing.
Some boxers are considered tough and brave,
but you swung lionhearted at a grave.