Contemplating Love

The space between myself and open sky
is anise-velvet curiosity
It saturates the welkin, wonders why
those pensile moons of pearled monstrosity
were drawn to join the deco-disks of Saturn
while planets spun, pontificating courses.
Did Newton’s laws of force dictate their patterns;
or random fate what heaven reinforces?
Revolving slowly, is my nature turned,
magnetically, incredibly attracted,
unable to decipher or discern
if gravity or chance has me distracted.
Oysters orbit lunar satellites;
I am clasping thoughts of you tonight.


His fingers were 10
oil-stained paint brushes,
soaking up turpentine
in a mason jar.
His fists were crumpled
Pall Mall packages,
banked from the lip
of a waste paper basket
and collected on the floor
in cellophane clutches.
His neck was a damp bar-towel,
half twisted and slung diagonally
across a red-vinyl stool.
His jaw was a swaying screen door,
finding its true level on a set of hinges.
His cheek bones were the curtain-brushed sills
beneath open apartment windows.
His eyes were not the iron marbles
bouncing off of bumpers
and racking up pinball points.
His forehead wasn’t a smooth
gallon-jar of pickled eggs
set beside the cash register
and his feet were not a needle’s movement
after one side of an album.
His legs however,
were the long rails of green felt,
hugged by an eight-ball,
all the way into the corner pocket.

Love’s Brevity

Apricot trees have moved
into their bursting arc
with an expressive excitement,
assuming a weightlessness
unconscious as desire.
They are grounded clouds
levitating in yards and parkways;
opening guilelessly in laundered
fists of the fugitive hour.
Our eyes helplessly flock
to the elevated
lamb’s wool displays,
are bees drawn to a reflection
of love’s exquisite brevity.